Sunday, July 19, 2015

Greeting all!

I apologize that I won't have a regular post on Monday due to heavy deadlines at both my day job and in my authorly life, but check out the Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi site for their FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! (Just click the image above to be hurled to the event at warp 10.)

I'll be a guest poster this week, and there'll be lots of fun and giveaway books and prizes for all you lovers of SFR--including a couple of copies of INHERIT THE STARS! Pippa and Donna will also be guests. Here's the upcoming schedule with the Spacefreighters crew appearances underlined and in blue:

Today! July 19 - Pippa Jay & Lyn Brittan

Monday, July 20 - KS 'Kaz' Augustin  & Corrina Lawson

Tuesday, July 21 - Laurie Green & Misa Buckly

Wednesday, July 22 - Donna Frelick & JA Kenny

Thursday, July 23 - Melisse Aires

I may also be back this Friday with Donna for a Siskel & Ebert style review of the motion picture Terminator Genisys.

Have a great week!


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