Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - A Superhero's Fall #urbanfantasy #scifirom

It's the seven week summer holiday for my monsters, so rather than leave my post at Spacefreighters Lounge completely empty, I decided to share a few favourite snippets from my books while I read my way through someone else's by dedicating some serious time to reading.

This week I'm sharing from my superhero romance When Dark Falls, and my heroine Nocturnelle has decided jumping off a tall building is preferably to her recent encounter with the villain of the story...
A Superhero Romance Novella
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I'm going to die...It was an idle thought. Would she? Falling from this height, without her skin to hold her back, would it kill her? She'd never put such a thing to the test.
And she wouldn't now. She tugged at the skin at her back. It tore as she pulled. The black membrane fluttered uselessly in a mass of tatters and holes, sending her into a spin.
No! She'd lost chunks of it to the super-cooled sarcophagus. Resistant to bullets, blades and heat, but not to extreme cold it would seem. Black lace wrapped her in a deadly embrace as she tumbled.
I should have left with what I had...
And now she was plummeting to her death for the sake of a moment's curiosity. A cold calm flowed over her. The tattered remnants of her canopy flapped wildly in the wind. The ground sped toward her. Certain death.
And so Dark wins. Fury blazed in her heart at the thought. No. Never. She shrugged the folds back in. Shortened them. She couldn't repair the damage, but she could use the shorter length to glide, to slow her down and minimize the impact. Maybe. Anything would help.
She extended her arms with the shorter folds. There were still holes, but not as bad as the main canopy. The wind caught the leathery wings and slowed her. Still not enough. She angled herself, trying to change her headlong plummet into a wide spiral. The ground was still coming up too fast. She mentally steeled herself for the impact, and wrapped her arms and loose skin around herself at the last instant.
The ground hit. Pain slammed into her, and tossed her across the tarmac like a wind-driven rag. Smacked into her head and knocked all feeling into oblivion.


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