Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#BristolCon - preparing for launch!

So this is it - my last post before BristolCon on the 26th. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. For one thing, will I sell any books this time? Last year all I had was download cards for my two releases with Breathless Press - Tethered and Restless In Peaceville - (and I didn't sell a single one), plus an old Lyrical Press print edition of Keir, and a display copy of the Tales from the SFR Brigade anthology. I sold a single digital copy of one of my shorts as a result of the convention. *sad face* This year I have print books to sell and several Brigade books for display, so at least I have some actual physical products on my table.

Second, I'm doing my first ever panel. I'm going to sit behind a table with four other panelists discussing the topic of reboots. I haven't done public speaking in more than thirty years. Yup. Doing this goes against my nature in every possible way. But I'm going to do it. I really enjoyed the panels last year, got to hear some really interesting views and opinions, and followed some new authors as a result. So I want to do it. I'm just petrified at the same time. The wonderful thing about BristolCon though is it's super friendly and supportive. I've already had an email with links to tips for first time panelists, chatted to one of my fellow panelists on Twitter, and followed a couple of the others so I know something about them for the day. Apparently panelists often arrange to meet up before the panel for a quick chat, so I won't be going in totally cold. And reboots are something I definitely have an opinion on.

So what am I taking? Well...

Four of my titles in print. Those for Tethered and Restless In Peaceville are my rare author copies from my now sadly deceased publishers Breathless and Lycaon Press, and with the old covers, mostly unavailable elsewhere (I think there is the odd copy left on Amazon, but that's it). As yet I haven't put the new versions into print. However, Keir and When Dark Falls are both the shiny new versions. I'll also have a few books by my fellow Brigaders for perusal, plus the Tales from the SFR Brigade anthology to look at.

Goodie bags. Buy a book, get a free goodie bag.

Free samples of my non-print books, particularly my short stories. You can also pick up cards with the blurbs to my other stories and where you can buy them.

Chocolate! Yes! A tub of, well, with When Dark Falls on my stand it had to be Heroes... :P

Keir and Quin. Or at least, a facsimile of my two main characters in their 10 inch glory. And yes, going by this picture Quin isn't finished yet. Um, she still isn't finished.

And I will be wearing the necklace I had made based on a tattoo I designed for Keir (this is the sign against evil that covers his stomach, and was also painted on the doors in Adalucien during the plague).

Aside from that, I still haven't decided my outfit. Eep! I'll be wearing my red brocade coat for sure. If you're going to BristolCon, you can check out the programs HERE. What do you think of my mock set up?


When Dark Falls is now in print, available at Amazon, CreateSpace, and The Book Depository. It should soon be available at B&N. However, the digital version will be Amazon exclusive for the foreseeable future, though that does mean you can now borrow it through KU. Most of my titles other than Keir and Tethered, and my upcoming release Keir's Fall, will all soon be Amazon exclusive because basically they aren't selling on any other platform.

I'm still posting new reviews at Critique de Book, and I've resurrected my Read Only Wednesday feature on my own blog HERE, featuring a book I've just read, or just added to my TBR pile.

Next week I'm hoping to share some of the fun from the reboot panel. See ya!


  1. So awesome, Pippa. I love how the display looks. If it was me, I'd make a beeline for all that SFR shinyness! Thanks for being our ambassador to Bristolcon. The more we reach out, the more likely we are to find more SFR superfans.

    1. Thanks Laurie! I have to say, I'm really pleased with how it all looks, and fingers crossed there's at least something that'll catch a potential SFR fan's eye.

  2. Have a great conference Pippa! Wishing you many sales and many new fans!

  3. Have a wonderful time. I'm short you'll report on your panel experience. Break a leg! (as I believe they say)

  4. Forgot to mention, I love that necklace, Pippa!

    1. Thanks - I was so pleased with how that turned out, and the lady who made it was super nice to work with.


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