Monday, October 12, 2015

Lost in Edit Land

I'm currently deep in first round edits with my full length novel, The Outer Planets, so I won't have a regular blog this week.

I hope to be back on Friday with a joint review of The Martian motion picture in a Siskel and Ebert style commentary with Donna Frelick.

Meanwhile, here's some headlines that might grab your interest.

Water Streaks on Mars Join Iconic Images of Space Age
Some of the most profound photos of the last five decades taken in and of space.

Inside NASA's Three Phase Plan to Put Humans on Mars
When NASA plans to put boots on Mars and how it will be accomplished.

The Sci-Fi Romance Film from Ethiopia 'Crumbs' Opens in US Theatres
Sometimes SFR comes from surprising origins (includes trailer).

Have a great week.

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