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#TheForceAwakens...but where is Luke Skywalker?! #StarWars #scifi

I've been trying hard to mostly ignore the upcoming new Star Wars film. Firstly, well, it's still two months away and frankly the anticipation could kill me! Secondly, I'm anxious about it with Disney in charge. To be fair, I thought the prequels sucked and I didn't like the additions to the originals when they came out (maybe I'm a die-hard purist, or maybe because I watched the originals to death the additions stand out like a shark on dry land to me. They don't bother my kids who were born well after the prequels released). Whatever, I keep telling myself that The Force Awakens can't be any worse. Right? *laughs nervously*

My love for Guardians of the Galaxy leads me to hope that Disney can't mess it up too much. So far the teasers, artwork, behind the scenes glimpses etc on TFA have assured me there's some good stuff in there. I'm not a huge fan of Abrams and his addiction for lens flair, but even a not-particularly-huge-fan-of-Star-Trek like me has still been impressed by the latest generation of Star Trek films (and I've watched Super 8). It'll look good and be full of action, of that I'm pretty sure.

But we're heading into the home straight now, and on Sunday the official movie poster was revealed, along with the most measly snippet from the latest trailer (blink and you'll miss, although there ain't much to miss in the first place, but by the time this post goes live the full version should be out). And one thing immediately leapt out at me (and everyone else in Star Wars fandom). Where is Luke?! We have Han, Leia, and Chewbacca, along with the new star characters, but no sign of the Jedi Master. What does it mean?! Why isn't he on there?!

I've made no secret of the fact that Luke Skywalker was my first crush, and seeing Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time was the reason I moved from writing fantasy to scifi as a youngster. So to see such a huge icon missing from the movie poster from the upcoming new film was a real smack in the face. From following various posts about the film, I know he was present at filming and that he is in it. Somewhere. But maybe his role in TFA is deliberately small and/or more important in the remaining parts of the new trilogy. Whatever, I hope he has at least some presence in the new films, or Disney are likely to feel a really massive disturbance in the Force...

I have to say Disney's marketing and promotion methods have certainly got my imagination going, and my anticipation at critical mass. I cannot wait  to see this film. I just hope it doesn't suck. After all, it could have ended up just being this...

Status update
The edits for Keir's Fall are still in progress. Worst case scenario I'm now looking at an end of November release instead of the 7th as planned. I am not going to rush out a substandard edition just for the sake of hitting a particular date, not after making everyone wait so long as it is. The last thing I want to do is disappoint people with the story! Some personal stuff really kicked my butt last week, so things got delayed. Again.

I received draft cover art for my side story in the Redemption series (set between Keir and Keir's Fall). Stop by my post on the 25th of October for the Full Moon Blog Tour to read an exclusive snippet and find out the title! (see details below in Happenings).

My space opera short is back for its third and final round of edits from the awesome Diane Dooley. I'm pleased to announce the title will be Quickshot.


The Broad Universe Full Moon Blog Tour starts on Sunday 25th October and runs until the 7th November. I'll be talking about blue moons and meetings by moonlight for my post, and there's a huge, huge rafflecopter giveaway with three main prizes of gift cards and a ton of books (psst, my space opera Tethered is part of the bundle). Be sure to stop by and enter!
On the 21st I'm taking part in a Halloween event at Natalie Wright's blog, talking about a ghostly experience, and my Halloween-themed paranormal romance short Hallow's Eve is part of a big giveaway there.

It's week four of Scream! For the Cure, and the next book bundle basket (a massive collection of erotic romance) went up for preview yesterday. Go check it out HERE. And don't forget the auction takes place each Friday.

Ping Pong

Fascinating post from Donna on the possible mega-structures discovered orbiting a distant star. When I first heard it, I did kind of think of the big black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey...


  1. After Into Darkness, JJ's wife supposedly chewed him out on the lens flare thing and told him he needed to back off before he blinded someone.

    The only additional scene I like is the one in A New Hope with Han and Jabba. It was supposed to be in the original theatrical release, but George ran out of money before the scene was finished so he cut it. Everything else is wrong and I pretend it doesn't exist.

  2. There *is* such a thing as too much lens flare, lol. I remember seeing the cut scene way back on one of those The Making of documentaries well before George stuffed all the additions in, and was glad at the time that it was cut. Ah well.

  3. I have to admit, the missing Luke caused me some distress at first too, Pippa. (I was also a huge Luke fan. Remember the scene in the original movie with him overlooking the sunset of two Tatooine suns with that amazing, epic score that would come to be known as Luke's Theme?) But after doing a thorough foray through fanland commentary, I'm now convinced he IS pictured on the poster. Just not in a way we're used to seeing him. Time will tell if my investigative venture proves right. :)

  4. The theory that he's Kylo Ren? I'm going to be very disappointed if that's the case. I don't buy that any more than Padme falling for a whiny, self centred brat. :P
    And yeah, that is my favourite scene. ^_^

    1. Yep. What Padme saw in Anakin is beyond me.

    2. Yeah, I think the 'romance' was probably the most cringe-inducing part. Very forced and unbelievable (and not how I imagined it would be in the days before there was even a hint of the prequels).

  5. I'd heard he's going to be more prominent in the next film. And I just can't wait. A star destroyer covered in sand, crashed X wing, Darth's burnt mask. I'm too old to bounce with excitement. Aren't I?

    1. Yeah, I'm wondering if he'll be the cliff-hanger/hook at the end of VII, like just shows up and surprises everyone. The trailer is promising so many good things, but I'm still trying not to get my hopes up too much. I've seen some great trailers that turn out to be made from the only good clips in the whole film.
      And no! You're never too old to bounce with excitement! Unless you're knees can't take the strain.

  6. I'm with Greta on those stunning visuals. Very inspiring! I'm also intrigued with Han's dialogue in the last trailer. It sounds like an altered history scenario, which can be really poignant when the audience has "lived" through the true history with the characters.


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