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Cynthia Sax's favourite character

This week Cynthia Sax is going to tell us about her favourite character - Mira from Breathing Vapor.

For a writer, choosing a favorite character is kind of like choosing a favorite Star Wars character. They’re all great but we love them for different reasons (except for Jar Jar Binks – he’s very difficult to like - grins).

I’m always most passionate about the characters in my recent releases. In Breathing Vapor, my sexy cyborg romance, I love both Vapor, the hunkalicious cyborg hero, and Mira, the human heroine.

Mira, however, has a sweet spot in my soul.


Because, although she acts super strong, she truly has the softest and most fragile heart of all the heroines I’ve written about.

She’s known as Mari the Merciless. Almost everyone thinks she’s a nasty piece of work, a shallow self-absorbed and extremely mean female. She ridicules her father’s employees, torments the already hurting cyborgs, sells cyborg babies for credits she doesn’t truly need. She lies constantly. No one can believe a word coming out of her mouth.

But this is all an act. She has taken on a secret solo mission to free the beings the Humanoid Alliance oppresses. The cyborg babies she sells are deemed defective and are slated to be decommissioned. The buyers of these babies are childless couples who will love and protect them. The warriors Mira torments were targeted for greater reprimands. She never tells the truth because the truth puts the beings she saves at risk. She expects, some planet rotation, to be betrayed and executed for these activities.

She undertakes them anyway because it’s the right thing to do and she cares. Greatly. She’d trade her life for a baby cyborg’s in a heartbeat.

I think we all have a bit of Mira in us. We help others, knowing we won’t be thanked, that our helping might even hurt us. We act strong when we aren’t. We might even lie to make others happy, telling a friend that everything will be okay when we believe it won’t be, or saying we’re fine when we’re far from fine.

This is why Mari will always have a slice of my soul.

Breathing Vapor

Vapor is the most advanced cyborg the Humanoid Alliance has ever developed. He’s a finely honed weapon, a warrior without parallel, half man and half machine. No lock can contain him. No being can stop him. Whatever he wants, he takes.

He wants Mira Breazeal, the Designer’s daughter.

She’s his one temptation, his sexy target. Vapor shouldn’t crave her caresses, steal her kisses, make her scream with ecstasy. The cyborgs want her dead and they would question his loyalty if he didn’t kill her. The humans would shoot him on sight if he dared to touch her.

Their love is forbidden. Their desire could be lethal. One human and one cyborg will risk everything for a moment of passion.

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