Tuesday, November 17, 2015


“Mr. Cruz, I hope I don’t have to tell you that interfering with a Federal investigation is against the law.”
Somehow, he found her warning intensely sexy.  “I have no intention of interfering.  I’m simply here helping a friend recover something he’s lost.  In this case, starting with his memory of what happened yesterday at the river.” 

Alana’s gaze narrowed.  “Are you also a psychiatrist of some sort, sir?” 


“A hypnotherapist?”

“Not really.”

“Then how do you expect to be able to help?”

He shrugged.  “I have my ways.  Some people would consider them somewhat . . . unconventional.”

Her lips curved.  His breath stopped. 

“Really.  Okay.  Maybe I should sit in on your meeting today, see for myself.”

He almost laughed.  He hadn’t planned on this, but he could see no real harm in it.  He would leave her behind long before he got to the point where the chase got dangerous. 

“Why not?”

Her smile widened, revealing white, even teeth, and she waved a hand toward the office.  “After you, Mr. Cruz.”

“Thank you, Agent Matheson.  And, please, call me Gabriel.”

“Might as well call me Lana,” she murmured as he passed her.  “We’re going to be very close friends from now on.”

The words, the breathy whisper of their delivery, her scent, caught in the air as he passed—all sent the blood rushing to Gabriel’s groin so fast his head spun.  He had to force himself to keep walking against an irrepressible urge to take her in his arms, to bend his head to those lush, full lips and drink until they were both dizzy and falling down drunk.  He looked at Lana in alarm, unsure of himself, unsure of her.  This was not something he experienced.  Ever.  Interest, yes.  Lust, even.  But this?  This was . . .  God, what the hell was this?


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