Friday, January 15, 2016


Well, I was away from my computer for just a few minutes this morning and returned to find      . . . this. I didn’t have the heart to delete it. After all, the cats did such a good job, and, you know, I could use a break! Maybe my co-bloggers can convince their furry friends to take over for a post or two in the next few weeks, too.  Next Friday I start the lead-up to my February launch of Trouble in Mind, the second book in my Interstellar Rescue series. See you then!
Cheers, Donna

Blogging is hard. Time for napz.
Ifr343w&*7 look blanca I can typez my name see s h a d o w

Of course you can, dumazz. Its Moms computer. I can use two paws at the same time, so there. I do this all the time.

kklo    no u don’t    ha this iz fun   im gonna type everything we say




stop            rftg   ow that hurt  hey, letz do something fun with the computer

We can’t. It’s blog day. Mom will be here any minute. She’ll yell at you.

shell yell at u to   louder  but the little black box sang and she ran out of the house

She went to the new house on the hill to look at strukshun.

watz strukshun

Catdaddy knows. That’s all they talk about anymore. Strukshun this, strukshun that.

mom sez we hafta move again soon.

Crap, again? I’m gonna pee all over the new place! That’ll show them.

mom will really yell then


we shud write her blog for her              she would give us treats and not yell

Hmm. Good idea. Mom always says she’ll write it, and it will be so good they will love her. I’ll start.

no blanca  my idea i start



[iue iets’irzop’zuzih;zbgj;lui;ri;/trxjilebuesbup’estu’pets’oesoesou’esij;estop’etsbi


okay okay stop  oh my Catdaddy lookit what u did to our blog

You did that. Bad Shadow. Mom will be mad.

no we can fix it   mom always fixez everything with delite  where iz delite

Never mind. We blog now. Hello. My name is Blanca. You may call me Queen of the Universe.

u not queen  ljk  ow that hurt

This is my loyal sidekick, Chat Dieu. We call her Shadow.

hello  i like petz and treatz    espeshully treatz   also watching tee vee with mom   nachur shoz   leperdz chasing gazls r awsum

Shut up. Everyone knows I get favored lap position. I don’t care what’s on tv. I especially like to interfere with book reading and Facebook. How dare Mom pay more attention to those things than me? After all, I have fluffy, beautiful fur and big, blue eyes. I can also do tricks, like putting my paws together to “beg” and “rolling over.”

well   i give good hugs  mom sez im sweet

That and a dollar will get you a piece of kibble.

u would miss me if i ran away blanca

That is true. You are fun to torment when Mom and Dad are too busy to play.

and don’t forget snugglz at naptime

Well, there is that. You are warm and snuggly and have a nice purr.

thank u   ur fur iz soft

Thank you. So our blog is done, humans. You must love us.

yes love us invizible humanz and love our mom who works hard on her computer doing things that make her laugh and cry and say bad words

Don’t tell them that.

o           sorry mom

s h a d o w    Blanca


  1. LOL Blanca and Shadow. Now Donna's secret is out. (Naw, it's not really a secret. We all do things at the computer that make us laugh and cry and say bad words.)

    Katrina is very shy, but I think I might persuade her to make a guest appearance. I'd just better stock up on treats.

  2. My cats are not nearly as proficient at typing as your cats Donna. Queen of the Universe seems to be especially talented!0999999999iiiiiiiiiiiiiii9 (so says Ozzie).


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