Friday, January 29, 2016


 Alana Matheson is not your typical buttoned-down FBI Special Agent. For one thing, she’s got a past that would make the most seasoned agent cringe, a past she keeps strapped down tight so it doesn’t blow her wide open. Then there’s her intuition, a sixth sense that has given her the best solve rate in the Nashville office, but made her the last person anyone wants to draw as a partner.

Lana takes her most difficult cases personally. She takes the kidnappings and the murders hard, for reasons she reveals to no one. The latest case she’s been given—the kidnapping of a little boy and his mother—is no different. And she has a feeling about this one. Something is telling her the obvious suspect, the husband and father, is not responsible.

But what is she to think when that suspect brings in an investigator from the outside? Has Dr. Ethan Roberts brought in a ringer to help her find his wife and son? Or to run an elaborate and professional interference?

Lana’s reaction to that investigator—her new “partner”—is anything but professional. Gabriel Cruz is darkly, deliciously attractive, and his talents are not limited to his good looks. He’s a telepath, something he’s not trying to hide. In fact, Lana’s treated to a demonstration almost as soon as she meets him, which yields a key piece of evidence in her investigation.

After that, Gabriel dogs Lana every step of the way as she tracks the men who have kidnapped her two vulnerable victims. The more time they spend together, the more they are drawn to each other. She won’t be able to resist him forever. But there is more to Gabriel than he's revealed. And it’s only a matter of time before the secrets of Lana's past catch up to her.

RT Book Reviews Four-Star rated Trouble in Mind launches February 16! You can pre-order your Kindle copy now on Amazon.


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*BTW, the “teasers” you’ve been seeing this week and last week were done by PR folks Tonigrace and Colleen at Inklings Literary Agency. Ain’t they purty?


  1. Those are awesome graphics, Donna. Tell Inklings they done good!

    So excited about Trouble In Mind. What a fabulous follow-up to Unchained Memory!


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