Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Another Change Of Plans #KindleUnlimited #publishing #scifi #romance

Last week I posted about why I was leaving Kindle Unlimited, although I still planned to launch my upcoming release via KU and was considering leaving When Dark Falls in it as the one and only title that actually get borrows.

And then another explosion. Word on how KU is being exploited big style by some authors broke on the internet. Worse still, they aren't the ones that Amazon is targeting. Authors who've done nothing more than put their ToC at the back of their books were being threatened with removal while those who are artificially inflating their page count and pages read to rip off the KU system are untouched. For those curious you can go read the comprehensive post by David Gaughran HERE. Honestly, I can't bring myself to read any more about it.

So this weekend I pulled Quickshot from KU. I'm sorry if you planned to borrow it on release at the end of this month, but I've totally had it. Everything is going wide, and will stay there until I hear something about Amazon fixing this latest issue (and maybe not even then for the reasons mentioned in my previous post). Restless In Peaceville and When Dark Falls will come out of KU by the end of next weekend and go wide again.

Publishing is soooo much fun. :P In brighter news...


On Thursday I'm taking part in the Little Things Blog Hop Giveaway.

Keir's Fall is currently up at NetGalley to read and review for free HERE.

I'm at Romancing the Genres on Friday with a post about my real life hero that has inspired all of those in my books. Bet you can't guess who!

Status Update
Do you need me to say it? Reunion is still in revisions. The June project is in first round edits but as in I'm actually doing some rather than it just sitting on my laptop. I've now got to get Quickshot up for pre-order at other retailers since I've pulled it from KU.

Chook Update
The four new girls are settling in and not allowing the odd peck from the originals to put them off taking full advantage of the coop and run now.



Front to back: Rush, Pitch, Spaghetti and Fizzgig

And on a related topic, we have our first frogspawn in the pond! I've also fished some out and put it in a tank indoors for my monsters to watch the transformation. They've done it at school before, but this is our own pond, and frankly even at my age I still find it fascinating.

Have a good week!


  1. Well, for what it's worth, Pip, I think you're doing the right thing. The vast majority of my sales are on the Zon, but I pulled out of KU a couple years ago, and I won't go back.

    1. Thanks Greta. I've tried it on and off, ot hasn't worked out, and with all the scamming I don't see the point any more. I think Zon would take notice if readers complained but they probably just delete those books and pick up a new one without realizing the damage done.


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