Thursday, March 3, 2016

We have a cover - Eye of the Mother

My wonderful cover designer at Dreams to Media has come up with a great design for the new story.
Here it is.

Typical Greta van der Rol - space, spaceship. No people. But this is a romance.

Here's the blurb

The echoes of a distant star's destruction reverberate across the galaxy.

If Brent Walker doesn't get off Namrod Space Station before midnight, he'll lose his ship. The clock's ticking, but when he comes across a woman being assaulted he does the only thing he can do – he rescues her.

Tian's grateful for Brent's intervention but she's an Imperial agent with a job to do and no time for messy emotional entanglements. Tian must find out what the mysterious symbol means, and why it heralds death, before the tensions between Yrmaks and humans escalate into xenocide. Business as usual is tempered by growing trust and affection between them even when she and Brent are drawn into a murky world of murder and deception where nothing is necessarily what it seems. Not even Tian.

Could love find a way? Perhaps. But sometimes there's more to lose than life itself.

And a short excerpt

Tian connected to the comm system, non-verbal only. A few minutes later a response returned. She moved to the nav system, entering in a set of coordinates. The nav screen shifted, showing the point she'd entered as a glowing dot. 

"That's a few days away," Brent said.

"Yes. Are we okay for air and supplies?"

He considered. He'd picked up extra supplies while Tian was away at the university, it should be enough for three for a short trip. "We're fine for that. But… um…"

She cocked her eyebrows.

"He's in your cabin." They could share? No. dumb. "You can have mine."

But she was shaking her head before he'd finished. "I'm shorter than you. I'll manage in the common room."

Now he shook his head. "You can't sleep there. Look, what if we share? One of us is usually on the bridge. Sort of a hot bed arrangement." His face grew warm. He'd blushed, he knew he had. "I'm not there if you're there. You know what I mean."

"We can manage that." Her expression was inscrutable.


It'll be a little while yet. I'll be sure to let you know.


  1. Cool cover! Is the Dryden Universe symbol new, too?

    1. No, it's on the front of all 3 of my Dryden books. Done by the talented Gavin Revitt. And I'm pleased you like the cover.


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