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Why I (Still) Don't Want A Female Who #DoctorWho

This is probably a controversial view, especially from a feminist and a Whovian. Maybe it's because I've been a life-long Whovian - the first episode I can remember is Jon Pertwee's (3rd regeneration) last, Planet of the Spiders - that I can't and don't want to see the Doctor become female. I feel it's almost a step too far to achieving equality. Isn't it enough that the Master has just done it - an act that, bearing in mind his chaotic and twisted nature - actually seems entirely apt and in line with his/her desire to get his/her friend back, and I adore Missy. It works, though I'll admit to a slight wince at the gender swap. Not so much as at the incredibly forced and unnecessary male to female regeneration on Gallifrey during 13th's attempt to save Clara from the instant of her very actual death though. We had River Song too. To me, the Doctor has and always should be male (an idea also strongly echoed by my loudly feminist daughter).
A selection of actors, including Joanna Lumley, 
take on the role of the Doctor for Comic Relief

That's not to say we shouldn't or can't have female Time Lords, if Missy and River Song weren't enough to satisfy you. Personally I would much rather see the Rani return - once played by the fiery Kate O'Mara in the 6th and 7th eras. After all, if the Master and the Doctor could survive the Time Wars, why the hell couldn't she? She was at least as smart as both of them, and would most likely have run and hidden rather than perish in a war that wouldn't have advanced her own ambitions.
The Rani and the 7th Doctor exchange words

I'd also like to see less romantic involvement between the Doctor and his assistant, though apparently that's how New Who works. I'm awaiting the announcement of the next actor with some trepidation. I was so excited to see Capaldi take the part but the stories he was given have sucked and made poor use of his talent. I'm sorry to see him going so soon, though glad to see the back of Clara and Moffat. Despite the cringiness of the Christmas special, it was redeemed by Nardole as companion (and I'm not even a Matt Lucas fan), and I was glad to see him back for Who's return this Easter. A male companion, and one with a tendency to simply roll his eyes at the Doc, makes a refreshing change. I'd love him to stay though I don't imagine he will for long.

I also enjoyed Bill's debut. Those complaining about an openly gay character must somehow have completely missed Captain Jack Harkness or Vastra and Jenny. Me - I felt the fact was rather unnecessarily hammered home in the story but at least no one will be left in any doubt. Not the first water monster either, but I did like the idea of sentient space ship motor oil, and enjoyed the nostalgia of the Dalek war with the Movellans (wouldn't mind seeing them come back too). Two episodes in and I'm much happier with this season than I have been for a while. I have high hopes for the stories ahead, but not for future series until the new actor is announced.

In the meantime, I wrote a post some four years ago when we were awaiting the announcement of the actor replacing Matt Smith, where I thought it more unlikely we would get a woman but was apparently less adverse to the idea. I guess Missy has changed my mind in some respects as it all having been a done deal on gender swapping.

Perhaps I was fortunate in that my first couple of companions were Sarah-Jane Smith (a journalist and most definitely a defiant feminist, and who went on to have her own series) and Leela (a strong-willed warrior who despite her lack of knowledge took no nonsense from the Doctor), followed by Romana. I grew up with female companions who didn't just stand and scream, who searched for the truth and fought for it where necessary so I don't feel a female Doctor is needed. Doctor Who has seen female presidents and prime-ministers, warriors, leaders and scientists.

And while I am aware fans have exceptionally strong feelings about the series and the characters and may well not like my opinion, please bear in mind that it is just an opinion. I am willing to be proved wrong or debated with. However, comments are set on moderation and any hate speech or personal attacks on myself or any commentators will be deleted without discussion, so please bear that in mind!

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Effie and Pitch

Kyru and Effie

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Kyru, Effie and Scoop


The cherry blossom is falling already
Tulips in the sun at Castle Park

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  1. I don't want a female Doctor either. It's the wrong choice for the show. And definitely the wrong choice to help it recover in the US from all the bad decisions BBC has made it.


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