Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gettin' My Geek On #comicon2017 #londonfilmandcomiccon #alantudyk

And again, not a post I was expecting to write...
Late Friday, hubs was reading his paper.
"Benedict Cumberbatch is at the London Film and Comic Con," he said.
I shrugged. I'm not really into the whole thing with him and Sherlock. I was expecting to take my monsters to the MCM Comic Con at the end of August.
"It's this weekend," he continued, then goes on to list guests. Several classic Who actors. minor Star Wars ones, and the not so minor actors who played Jyn Erso's parents in Rogue One. I can feel my geek heart sink at the awesomeness I'll be missing.
"And Alan Tudyk," says hubs.
Now he's just twisting the knife.
"I'd love to see Alan," I sigh.
"How expensive do you think it would be to get his photo or autograph?"
I'm not sure I want to look. I remember how much it was to see Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill at SWCE, although I wish now I'd found some way to get the money together to get my photo taken with Carrie. Regret is so bitter.
But I look and tell him. It wasn't as expensive as Carrie.
"I could buy a ticket for your birthday," hubs suggests.
"Really?!" But he's already bought me a present which I can't talk about yet.
"If you really want to meet him."
And so on Sunday, we all went to London Comic Con. And it was fabulous!
There wasn't as much cosplay as I'd expected, and no, I didn't take many photos. The organized photo sessions were frighteningly fast and efficient - a literal hi, shoot, and bye! I felt a little twinge about whether the celebrities are actually happy about doing these, but Alan seemed to be genuinely smiling. For what it's worth, he's very nice to hug. :P
I'm glad I invested in the bonus photo frames on offer - it even came with an extra photo to swap with one of the two character shots and I'll tell you now I put in the K2SO shot over the Firefly one (sorry, Browncoats, but that wasn't where I first saw him and I haven't forgiven Whedon for Wash dying in Serenity (which I saw long before Firefly). The other picture is his foul-mouthed character Wat from A Knight's Tale with the late Heath Ledger, for those interested).

My eldest had her photo taken with Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy), and she doesn't look a day older despite nearly being my age (while Alan Tudyk is exactly my age). Sigh.
I'll finish with some more shots from the con though I didn't take many - sorry. Too busy enjoying the experience, but I promise I'll do better with Nor-Con later this year.
Louise Jameson (Leela, companion to the 4th Doctor)

Sarah Douglas, Ursa in Superman 2

Nicola Bryant (Peri, companion to the 6th Doctor)
Status Update
Unexpected is currently with my proof reader. I've not had time to work on anything else book related - today is the first quiet day I've had since the summer holidays began and I still have too much real life stuff to catch up with before my birthday on Thursday. Wow, is this year going fast!

Chook Update
The chicks are now looking more like mini chickens as they lose the last of their fluff and approach four weeks old (just as I turn 46). We've also started discussing proper names for them though we still don't know their genders for now. They're so much bigger!

I don't know if I'll get a chance to post again before September, so have a good summer.


  1. Yay, you, Pippa. Like I mentioned on your FB post, I'm SO envious of you getting that photo with one of my fave actors. What a totally cool present. Glad you were able to go.

    Too bad you couldn't get a recording of Alan as K2SO--or Wash--because in addition to giving life to some wonderful sci-fi characters, he has one of the most amazing voices in the industry. :)

    Loved the chook update.

    1. Thanks Laurie. I meant to repost my video from the Rogue One panel at SWCE where Alan told a story about him meeting Anthony Daniels of C-3PO fame. He is amazingly flexible with his voice and did a passable impression of Daniels!


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