Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rescuing Romila is published #newrelease #sfrb

I've floated my latest SFR on the Web Sea! By now you all know everything there is to know about the book, but here's the blurb and buy links - and a wonderful review.

It obviously ticked a few boxes with someone.

The Misfits are off on another planet-hopping adventure.

When Jirra and Toreni rescue Romila from a raid on her antiques business the Misfits start off on a mission to uncover a drug-smuggling operation. A new, very potent drug is on the market, hidden in statues of ice warriors carved on a remote world.

But all’s not well within the team. Toreni and Chet have fallen out, Toreni has received an offer that might be too good to refuse, and Jirra has doubts about her future.  When the drug-smuggling operation morphs into something even more dangerous, the Misfits must resolve their differences. If they don’t act together, and quickly, many lives will be at risk. Including their own.

Action and adventure, with a little bit of romance.

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Here's the Amazon review:

From the imagination of a writer with a firm grasp on world-building - both social and cultural - comes another gripping tale of intrigue where the stakes are high and the outcomes less than certain. Filled with high action and a dollop of romance, the Morgan's Misfits crew - coming off a successful mission in Kuralon Rescue - now find themselves at odds when personalities and individual goals clash. The story's narrative detail walks that fine line between techie overkill and cultural authenticity with aplomb, each description adding to the story and fleshing it out into a believable whole.
With engaging characters who must balance individual needs with the necessity of working as a unit to achieve their mission goals and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, Rescuing Romila is a most worthy addition to the Morgan Selwood canon.
Add a cameo by the hottest admiral in the fleet, Ashkar Ravindra, and you have the perfect formula for a gripping adventure. This is space opera at its finest.

Thank you, reader. 

I don't arrange reviews, or ask for them, except maybe a paragraph at the end of a book. I didn't even do that, this time. But reviews do matter, so if you've read a book you enjoyed, do the author a favour and write a review. It doesn't have to be as complicated as the one up there. Something like, "I really enjoyed the story" is just fine. 


  1. Congrats on your new release, Greta! And a fantastic review to kick it off, too! Here's to many more of the same.

  2. Congrats on another release, Greta! Looks like another great read.

    Also want to mention that Greta - and Rescuing Romila - is going to be featured on the Monday Meet the Author series on Monday (4/16/18) on the SFR Brigade Blog. :)


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