Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rescuing Romila is nearly there

Well... I've sent my finished book off to my editor to do her magic. There will be some more work, making the required changes. And then I'll float it on the Web Sea.

It has been a hard slog. I've said before, I don't find writing easy, but it is certainly satisfying to look back after a time and say, "I did that." I hope I can do that with this one.

I have changed the cover, and the title. Mystery of the Ice Warriors seemed a bit Enid Blyton. And really, although the ice warriors are important, there's more to the story that that. So now it's Rescuing Romila. It picks up on the first Morgan Misfits adventure, which was Kuralon Rescue. Another sort of rescue. The model on the cover is sort of how I imagine Toreni, the big ex-elite marine. Although the story is about the group, Toreni is one of the most central figures. Does that make sense?.

Here's the draft blurb - subject to change without notice.

The Misfits are off on another planet-hopping adventure.

Who can you trust – if not each other?

When Jirra and Toreni rescue Romila from a raid on her antiques business the Misfits start off on a mission to uncover a drug-smuggling operation. A new, very potent drug is on the market, hidden in statues of ice warriors carved on a remote world.

But all's not well within the team. Toreni and Chet have fallen out, Toreni has received an offer that might be too good to refuse, and Jirra has doubts about her future.  When the drug-smuggling operation morphs into something even more dangerous, the Misfits must resolve their differences. If they don't act together, and quickly, many lives will be at risk. Including their own.

Action and adventure, with a little bit of romance.

And here's a brief snippet -



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