Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Quickie Update #amediting

It's the start of the summer holidays (where has the year gone?!) and I'm horribly behind with everything. What else is new, huh? So just some quick updates to let you know what's coming...
Writing Update
The proof reader has finished with Reunion, and so have I. Now it needs formatting for a confirmed release date of the 1st of September!
And I'm currently working on the edits for the Christmas story, hopefully releasing the 1st of December.
Chick Update
Pinky, Perky, Eyebrows and Whitetip (now officially Hollyhock, Bramble, Poppy and Clover) went to their new forever home last week, and I've already had updates on their progress. Pinky's eye needed further vet treatment despite having cleared up but is doing well, while all are settling in. Meanwhile, Tiny Two Toes is now Trinity, while Sprite remains Sprite, and Owl becomes Nova. Usually I pick names that match but eldest was set on Sprite, while hubs suggested Triple T instead of Tiny Two Toes, which sounded like Trinity, which fits as her two fused toes mean she has three toes in total on one foot instead of four so the name fits... and I just had to sneak a space-y name in. Mama Firefly has decided her job is over and returned to the main coop.
Sprite head down, with Trinity.

The extreme heat finally got to Kala, and she was poorly for a couple of days but appears all fine now.
Cosplay Update
It hit me this weekend that the end of July is fast approaching, we're away a week in August, and Invasion Colchester is the first day of September. Eep! I have just five weeks to complete four costumes. Thankfully I'm making good progress on youngest's Plague Knight...
Sorry about the blur, camera issues!

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