Monday, November 18, 2019

SpyDog Snippet: Trouble in the Ranks

This is a scene from my story SpyDog in USA TODAY bestselling anthology, Pets in Space® 4!

Scene Set-Up

Rigel Blackline, a Network agent, 
Sona, a legendary warrior-class Rathskian female (and his potential enemy), and 
Captain Garr, the gruff pilot of their escape transport have a clash of cultures over breakfast. 
Rigel’s SpyDog partner, Maura, also puts in her two cents. 

[Edited slightly for context.]


“Excuse me, Captain. I’ve lost my appetite.” Sona pushed away from the table and strode away so quickly, Rigel felt the breeze of her passing.

As well as more than a little regret.

Maura gave two sharp barks over her shoulder as she trotted after Sona. “Mean Rigel.”


“Pretty harsh, boy,” Garr muttered. “I don’t blame her for wanting to be elsewhere. What’s your issue with her anyway?”

Rigel stared a hole in his im-eggs. “I don’t have an issue with her.”

“To Hades you don’t,” Garr jeered. “Planet of origin doesn’t make her an enemy. Or you a friend, for that matter. They have dissenters, same as our side.”

“I’ll be keeping a close eye on her, all the same.”

“Yeah.” Garr gave him a crafty smile. “Kind of hard not to, isn’t it?”

Rigel shifted in his seat and chugged what was left of his mug of kinna. Was Garr intentionally baiting him?

“One thing’s clear, though,” Garr continued, adding more hot spice to his im-eggs. “She obviously doesn’t care much for your company, if she skips a meal just to be away from you.”

Rigel stared at her untouched plate. That hit home. His patronizing attitude hadn’t been called for and he’d obviously stepped on her feelings. It wasn’t right that she hadn’t eaten, especially after getting gigadam little to eat yesterday…and sharing the few bites of her rations with him.

Okay, he was a complete jerk.

Rigel got up from the table and took her full plate in hand. “I’ll take it to her.”

“You sure that’s a good idea, boy?”

“It’s a good idea,” Rigel said flatly then squared off with Garr. “But just for the record, you calling me ‘boy?’ That isn’t.”

Garr stopped chewing and narrowed his eyes.

Rigel paused just long enough to be sure he’d made his point then headed down the corridor to their shared cabin, Sona’s breakfast in hand.


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Have a wonderful week!

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