Tuesday, January 14, 2020

NorCon Revisited #scifi #fantasy

Despite a super hectic year, we did get time to make our annual visit to NorCon, although only for the one day. Neither hubs or I got to make new cosplays this year, and youngest decided to revisit his Plague Knight costume, so it was only eldest and middle child in new ones. 
But first, some real nostalgia for me. Some 30 years ago I got my photo taken with the then 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy (also of Radagast the Brown from The Hobbit). And I got the chance to relive that excitement at NorCon. 

Amidala, the level of cosplaying my skills and budget would love to aspire to...

Youngest revisiting his Plague Knight cosplay

My older two cosplaying brother and sister mutants Quicksilver (Avengers version) and Scarlet Witch.

The hair-raising effect of prolonged wig wearing!

Hell, yeah, I'm shooting first!
And of course, I couldn't resist some merch...

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  1. Fun post! I always love seeing your Con photos and cosplay outfits.


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