Sunday, November 4, 2007

P2PC: Moving Right Along

Back on track and back in the saddle.

I'm finishing revisions of the pre-market draft of P2PC, then that gets saved to my P2PC Archives and I begin work on my (fanfare, please) Market Draft. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm almost there.

I've got a character who has given me a lot of problems. He's a stubborn sort. He's evolved from pseudo-villain, to damaged goods, to staunch military man who has to make a decision between what is right in terms of his command, and the welfare of those close to him. Some indepth discussion with my crit partners helped me see what I needed to do with this problem child. He's not a major character in the story, but he's a very important character because of his role and relationship to the MCs. Now I think I have him defined in my head, and lately he's been "talking" to me about some future scenes in a possible second book in this universe. One he'll be an MC in, of course. LOL

But back to P2PC. This novel has only taken a little over a year to write, edit, revise and groom for its debut in Queryland. That's quite an accomplishment considering I have two novels that are already 10 years old and still far from this landmark (though my goal is to have them both ready to market in 2008).

Those of you who are in close contact with me know this story really struck a chord with me. I decided it was the prime candidate as my "first" novel, so it's been my focus. I'll keep posting updates on my progress until this one is out the door.


  1. Good for you!! Keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Thanks Lisa, and you bet I will.


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