Thursday, March 6, 2008

Take a Number: My Muse is in Hyperdrive

What I'm Reading: Jim Butcher's DEAD BEAT and Jenna Black's THE DEVIL INSIDE. (I couldn't pick one, so I'm reading both.)

What I'm Critiquing: Nothing at present, but I have a long To Do list.

What I'm Writing: *takes deep breath*
I had a vague story idea take glorious shape this morning in the form of the first seven chapters (well, ok, in notes form anyway) of my novel and with what I think will be a killer hook. This is another Science Fiction Romance but it ventures more into Fantasy territory, like Draxis. This one is set solely on Earth, however.

Then, Draxis and Planets have been having their little sword duels for attention in my head. Both are demanding attention...yesterday.

OK, so that makes....six projects? *counts on fingers* Well, actually....

P2PC: Book 1 (finished and being marketed), Book 2 (partially written); May become a series.
Draxis: Book 1 (nearly finished but requires major editing), Book 2, Book 3
Planets (finished but requires major editing)
Time (new story)
Chimera (nearly finished but requires a gut and edit)

Make that seven novel projects in the foreseeable future. I also have a few ideas for shorts. These should easily take me through the end of 2009. :) I love being a writer. My muse never fails to keep me busy and entertained.

I'll have some interesting Sci-Fi 101 stuff to post later this week.


  1. Glad to hear it! :) That is indeed one of the biggest benefits of being a writer--one is rarely bored.

  2. So true, Sparky. Give me a computer--or even a pad of paper--and I'm good to go. :)


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