Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have I Got a Surprise for You...

I have to thank co-blogger Sparky from Toasted Scimitar for putting me on the trail of this one. There is a Firefly (unofficial) fanfic novel by Steven Brust available on the web for free download. Yes, you heard me right. Free! And its offered in several formats including Word doc and Adobe pdf file. Steven Brust's home page says it was just released in February 08.

Being the monster Browncoat that I am, I had to post this link for all the Firefly fanatics out there who may not have yet heard of it.

I'm not offering a review at this time, as I've only had time to blaze through a couple of chapters, but I did feel the characters and dialogue very consistant with the original Joss Whedon creations. There are a few punctuation errors and the like, but nothing major (at least in the first couple of chapters). This novel has been released under creatives commons license, which states, in part, that you are free to "share, copy, display and perform" the work as long as the work is properly attributed (THANK YOU, STEVEN BRUST!!!), not used for commercial purposes and not altered, transformed or built upon.

So, here it is. Shiny! Keep flyin'.

My Own Kind of Freedom
A Firefly Novel by Steven Brust

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