Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Trouble With Muses

*gives nod to Lisa Shearin for "borrowing" most of the title of her third Raine Benares series book (The Trouble With Demons, for the uninitiated.)*

So the IPs (my tag for my Indispensible Peers--Barbara, Dawn and Arlene) were having a chat about how our muses tend to ambush us with brilliant scenes or patches of dialogue in the worst possible places. Middle of the night? Oh yeah, all the time. Two spots that I always seem to get caught unprepared are in my car, whizzing along on my way to work, or in the shower, dripping wet and without a pad of paper and pen with waterproof ink in sight. It's almost like our muses enjoy playing these practical jokes. (Hark! Is that the sound of Muse cackling I hear?)

So while I was lamenting the infamous "car ambush" and "shower ambush" scenarios, Dawn came up with a real gem that I just have to share.

Shower ambush. Better than a toilet ambush.
"Hey honey," the husband says. "Why is there writing all over the toilet paper?"
"No, no, no. Don't use that. It's chapter 12."

ROFL! Oh yes, I can so relate.

OK, speaking of muses, my "article" muse seems to have taken a hike, but I promised some sci-fi related posts and I will be back later to get that done.

Stay tuned. :)


  1. Hee hee. I had a wonderful idea in the middle of the night for WIP, so wonderful I thought - this idea will stay with me forever. I won't forget it. Not need to put light on, wake husband and write it down.
    Ah, yes there was.
    Why can I remember that the idea was wonderful and not remember the idea?

  2. That happens to me allll the time.

    Had another great idea two nights ago. Woke up still remembering it...sorta. In ten minutes it was gone, but I know it was brilliant.

    I'm convinced I've written entire novels in my dreams, only to have them fade to oblivion in the morning light. I need a recorder for my head. Uhhh, on second thought. Bad idea. That would be scary!


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