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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best of Hey Shipwreck: Episode 2

"Hey, Shipwreck!"
Episode 2
Hey Shipwreck 101 (My subtitle)

Another in the "Hey, Shipwreck" animated sub in space series. This one introduces and pokes fun at NUBs, training procedures, diggits, introduces the "swearing cessation program" and outlines the basis of Roving Wars in a future episode (more on that later).

As before, adult content advised, but most questionable langage is bleeped (sort of).

The series (a first and second season) are available on YouTube and were created by Patrick Hrabe, a member of the US Navy, and Tube Daze Productions, music by John Sequin. If you want to see more type in "Hey, Shipwreck" in the YouTube search box or go directly to Tube Daze Productions site. They are also available on CD if you get hooked.

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