Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sub in Space: The Best of "Hey, Shipwreck"

It seems I'm not alone in my "sub/space" analogy. While doing internet research, I discovered a series of animated comics that take place on the USS Idaho, a fictional, future Naval sub in space. The episodes center on a disgruntled Navy technician with the call name Thresher and his watch buddy/nemesis Sea Wolf along with a cast of various NUBs, nukes, cones, superiors and diggits. For the most part, any foul language is bleeped by their com's "swearing cessation program" but the content should be considered adult.

The military lingo and situations may not appeal to everyone, but as one who has worked for the military for almost fourteen years, I found most episodes highly amusing and a few of the scenarios literally--I do mean literally--had me rolling on the floor, the couch, or the nearest available flat surface.

The series (a first and second season) are available on YouTube and were created by Patrick Hrabe, a member of the US Navy, and Tube Daze Productions, music by John Sequin. If you want to see more type in "Hey, Shipwreck" in the YouTube search box or go directly to Tube Daze Productions site. They are also available on CD if you get hooked. (Guilty.)

Here's my first in a series of Best Of "Hey, Shipwreck". This is one of the newer episodes from June 2008 that actually shows Thresher's--aka Keane's--face instead of just his helmet and spacesuit/uniform. I couldn't resist, since the password situation is *ahem* entirely too familiar. This is also one of the shorter episodes.

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