Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Book Rant: Category Five

Just for the record, a book rant is a Good Thing. :)

I just whittled down my Leaning Tower of TBR(c) and finished CATEGORY FIVE. I got four words for ya.

What. A. Freakin'. RIDE!

This is not a romance, but I think it might qualify as romantic contemporary Sci Fi. The author, Philip Conlay, cranks up the tension at every turn—mental, emotional and otherwise. Just when you think things are beyond recovery...they get worse. And there's a big surprise at the climax. This book made me laugh, cry, cringe, bite my fingernails and say "Ahhhh."

I can't think of one single plot thread that wasn't tied up in a nice little bow.

I did have some editing issues—mechanical stuff like USING ALL CAPS FOR SHOUTED WORDS which drove me to distraction and I couldn't see the characters using long, drawn out sentences while they're getting thrashed by the rain and wind of a hurricane, but I can overlook such minor nuissances when the story is so good. The MCs are totally likable, I could relate to both their situations and their emotions. A couple of the supporting characters are outstanding. Michael is the kind of guy I think a lot of female readers will fall in love with, the kind of man male readers wanna be.

The wealth of knowledge this author had on his subject matter was either indepth to an awesome degree, or he totally had me believing he knew what he was talking about. [I did a little research after completing this book and as a pilot with over 30 years of flying experience, I now know he wasn't dazzling me with bulls**t. He knew his stuff.] A couple of situations pushed my Suspension of Disbelief envelope just a tiny tad, but didn't break it. Hey, it's fiction. It's all about possibility.

If I graded books on a scale (which I don't) I'd give it five stars out of five (which I didn't). *smirk*

I'll do a full blown review later, but for now, you can find this one on Amazon. Oh, and the buzz is Philip Donlay's second novel in the Nash Donovan series, CODE BLACK, might be even better!

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