Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Don't Understand Twitter

I just checked out Twitter because I've been hearing so much about it in the media. I watched the little video and thought to myself, "Huh?"

According to the video, Twitter is a site dedicated to answering one question--"What are you doing now?"--in short little bites in between blog posts, cell phone calls or emails. I'm sorry but...isn't living your life what you're supposed to be doing in between?

I can't understand why people would possibly be interested in a day that goes something like this:

I turned off my alarm and overslept (again).

I just stubbed my toe making coffee.

I'm watching the news. Stock market fell again.

I can't find anything to wear.

I've lost my keys.

I just packed two slices of bread and a pickle for lunch (again) and fed the dog a treat.

I'm cleaning up dog vomit when I should be heading out the out the door.

[Insert LONG gap because work computers do not allow access to blogs and Twitter.]

Eleven and a half hours later
(yes, eleven and a half...and you wonder why I never have time to blog)....

I just walked in the door, dropped an armful of mail (on top of my keys so they'll be lost in the morning again) and turned on the news.

Graham crackers and milk for dinner again.

I'm sitting down at my computer to work on my WIP

[Another long gap while I get lost in WIP land.]

Well, g'night. Going to bed now.

Uhhhh...why would anyone want to read this drivel? There must be a lot of people out there with way too much time on their hands. You know the sort, same breed as the ones who live with a cell phone permanently glued to their ear?

But seriously...I really don't get Twitter. Would any of you TwitterDudes or -ettes out there be kind enough to explain the fascination? I must be missing something major, because a lot of people love Twitter.

I'm going to close this post now.

Goodbye. :)


  1. Don't get it either. Sorry. I like time away from machines, time to do something without having to report to the hive mind about every action.

  2. Thank, you, thank you, thank you. When Twitter first came out, I signed up, determined to do my good networking thing. As soon as I saw what it was, I thought, huh? Am I missing something?

    I'm sure there are some twitterers who are interesting and can be compelling in one sentence bites, but not me. I struggle to figure what to put in my status update on Facebook!

  3. Thanks, Just_Me and Angela. I figured I'd get some backlash for my post, but the Twitter Devotees didn't show. Glad to know others have the same sense of perplexity that I do.

    I've heard that Twitter was the "first alert" for many that something was happening during the Mumbai terrorist attack, but I don't see how word would have reached me before the news reports even if I was a member.

    Anyway, I always like to investigate "new stuff" friends tell me about on the web. That's how I found CritiqueCircle, Shelfari and many of my "frequent flyer" research sites.

  4. I think it's overrated, myself.


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