Monday, March 9, 2009

Coming up on a Major Event!

Spacefreighters is approaching its first big, parsec?
10,000 hits!!!!
We'd like to thank everyone for dropping by our little space tavern,
so it seems some prizes may be in order.
::: checks inventory :::
Ah, yes. I think we'll have something a little better
than the usual virtual Billins
as a reward for your patronage.

So keep your dish aimed in this direction.

We'll be at our destination soon.


The Management


  1. Yay for 10,000 hits!!! That's exciting!!!

    I saw the word dish... are you cooking me dinner?

    *realizes she might need to go eat lunch*

  2. LOL Just Me. Nope, not that kind of dish. Trust me, you wouldn't like my cooking. I'm better at cooking up plots. At least that's what I tell my husband. Well, that and..."that's what restaurants are for." :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Exciting times, Laurie. And the audio came through just fine for me. Well done.

  4. Whoo hooo. More fun things. Pass me a billins, would ya?

  5. Yay, Shelb. Glad you can hear the sountrack.

    Dawn! Head's up.
    ::: shoves a mug of Billins in your direction :::


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