Thursday, March 26, 2009

News, Tidbits, Opinions...and a Pictorial Comment on my WIP

I wanted to share some of my surfing finds this week.

Heather asks the question if HOPE’S FOLLY (Linnea Sinclair) might be a Science Fiction Romance breakout novel on The Galaxy Express.

The Crochety Old Fan has some rumblings about volunteers--or volUNteers--for the upcoming 67th World Science Fiction Conference in Montreal. (Where the Hugo Awards are named.)

Suite101 offers commentary on three Paranormal Romance series and The Saga of Seven Suns (series) by Kevin J. Anderson.

And as for my pictorial comment on how my current WIP is progressing? Here you go. Enjoy!

Yeah. That about sums it up. :/


  1. Oh, Laurie, those images are priceless. Fingers crossed for you that it goes more smoothly from now on.

    Thanks for the linkage to my HOPE'S FOLLY piece. Your review is so in-depth which makes me grateful I can just link--lickety split--to such a great resource.

  2. Thanks Heather. I'm sure it will right/repair/uncrunch/get wheels again soon. I have faith. Great story, but getting the elements in my head intact onto paper--or into bytes--well, that's the trick, isn't it?

  3. Laurie, I think that you need a hug. (((((Laurie))))) Believe me I commiserate.

  4. Aww, thanks Frances. Yes, hugs always help. :) This one is a real struggle but I'm learning so much from the process.


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