Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Bricks for my Leaning Tower of TBR

Today I stopped by Borders and had a field day.

First of all, I went on my usual mission and faced the books I found for some of my favorite authors--Lisa Shearin, Linnea Sinclair and Susan Grant. (I couldn't find any by Sandra McDonald. :( )

Then I started scouting out new building material and added four more SF/F books to my Leaning Tower of TBR(c) including a couple I've been meaning to purchase for some time including OLD MAN'S WAR by John Scalzi and HIS MAJESTY'S DRAGON by Naomi Novik (pssst...Amazon says this one is currently $0.00 for the Kimble download, if that's correct). I also stumbled on a couple of finds, as in, I hadn't heard about these yet and I bought them based on the blurb. One is SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson and the other is COMMAND DECISION by Elizabeth Moon. I also zeroed in on a reference novel for one of my upcoming projects.

Just doing what I can to support the publishing industry. :)

While I was in the area I had a delicious meal at the Elephant Bar, grabbed a hot cocoa at Starbucks and checked out several laptops at the Mac store. I started out a Mac user many moons ago before switching to PCs due to non-compat issues that are no longer the case, and I've been threatening to defect back to my first love with my next purchase.

All in all it was a fun day and a nice break from my WIP. Love these refreshing little sidetrips.


  1. Think we can guess the sort of books you like to read, Laurie!!!Enjoy!

  2. LOL Yeah, I do stick with a theme, don't I?


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