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Pippa's Journal - 6/27/12

Normally I try to post twice a month here, with one article and one journal. This will be a short extra. With a special event for the SFR Brigade just this weekend, I thought I'd post a few findings and results. But first...

To Infinity and Beyond.

So after 35 years the Voyager I space craft is leaving the solar system. With the space program shut down - except perhaps for commercial flights - and the shuttles sent off to new earthbound homes, it feels a little like the only extrasolar explorers are already on their way with nothing else to follow. But another lesser known space icon is also off to a new home.

The original full scale mockup of the space shuttle, seen here in 1974, will go on public display in California in July 2012.
Built in 1972 and largely overlooked until recently, the model - built mostly from wood and plastic - is now set to have a permanent home thanks to the Columbia Memorial Space Center. It's also hoping to restore the model which is showing signs of degradation. Even with its later offspring now permanently grounded, it's good to know even the original model has a future. You can read the full article on it's rediscovery and history here.

The SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop took place on Friday. There were a few technical issues - mainly with the inlinkz code - but everyone (bar one) had their post up and generally got a good response. Several gained new followers and the Brigade has also gained new members. A major technical problem was the disappearance of one link which unfortunately I missed. :( Over 1000 comments were made overall, with most people getting 30-40 comments on their individual posts.There's even been a suggestion of a solstice-themed sfr anthology for the future...
All in all, it was successful and a good experience. People have asked to do another. So, if anyone has a suggestion for a date and/or event/theme for the next, please feel free to shout out.For anyone interested in doing more hops while waiting for another Brigade event, please check out Carrie Ann Ryan's blog here. She regularly hosts blog hops on various themes and dates, and even has a Facebook page set up for them now.I'm taking part in the current Angels vs Demons Blog Hop - come and meet Keir and win an entry into the grand draw here!

With the blog hop over and the Amazon tagging parties now set to a monthly instead of weekly schedule, I'm diving back into the sea of writing and editing. The next week will be spent polishing my sfr novella Tethered for the Rebecca (entries close on the 30th June if you have a hankering to enter). On the 1st July I'll learn if Keir has made it into the finals for the Readers Favourite Reviews and Award Contest, having gained a 5 star review there recently. If it has, I'll also be entering Keir into EPIC's Ebook Awards contest - entries there close on the 15th July. I have edits to complete on Keir's sequel before submission, and planning to do for my August Campnanowrimo project. Having been a lifelong pantser, I've actually outlined the nanowrimo project - an experience in itself. I put out a cry for help via Twitter, and friend and fellow Lyrical Press Inc. author Sonya Clark came to my rescue with a handy post on plotting which you can find here. Misa Buckley has also just posted on this subject here and it's worth a read if you're a confirmed pantser. My first outline is a bit rough and ready, but at least I have one. :)

I've also decided to knuckle down and seek out some more reviews for Keir. Luckily fellow author and friend Lauri J Owen and I have spent the last year compiling a comprehensive lists of book reviewers. Originally we began this as a joint project because we knew how hard it was for authors to find reviewers, and also to help generate traffic to our blogs. We currently have over 235 listed in all genres, for indie and traditionally published writers, and now I'm benefitting in a whole new way as I use the list myself. Should you need a reviewer (and many of the reviewers listed also offer to host blog tours, giveaways, advertising, interviews and other promotional avenues) the list is here.

Ping Pong

Donna - loved the list of classics. Interesting to see what other people wanted added to the list. I wonder about a list of science fiction romance classics? The post on marketing was also interesting, since I think I already cover the basics that were listed. Sometimes I wonder what more there is to do - and how to stand out when everyone else is doing the same as well.
Laurie - I love the name, the badge and the motto for your Golden Hearts Class!
Sharon - as Laurie says, time is ticking down for Ghost Planet...

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