Monday, June 25, 2012

What's in a Name?

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Laurie's Journal

What's in a name?

The Golden Heart Class of 2012 can answer that!

Each year the new crop of RWA Golden Heart Award finalists selects a name that suits the group dynamics and/or the theme of their particular class. 

Last year, the 2011 group chose "The Starcatchers" because finaling in the Golden Heart was a rare opportunity and something that brought us all a special bit of magic--like catching a falling star. Many also seemed to have some "magic stardust" working for us as we landed agents and bagged first sales! 

For this year's group, a general theme of rising over adversity emerged. Many members related amazing experiences of survival and triumph over catastrophic loss and difficult times--stories we bonded over as a group.

And along with this (of course!) we had to factor in that which 2012 is most famous for--the 2012 Prophecy--and so "surviving 2012" fed in to the overall theme of the year.

I think the name we chose, and the symbol behind it, is universally recognized as an icon for overcoming defeat, as well as "courage under fire" and "rising above."  

The name chosen was one of the early suggestions before many other ideas were offered and discussed, but the majority of the group kept coming back to this one and three rounds of  voting proved it out.

We are The Firebirds! 

"Forged in Fire. Rising higher!"

So tell me what you think of our name choice?

Guest Blogging at Rubies Today

Donna and I are very honored to be guest blogging today at the famous Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood, where we discuss Space...the Final Romance Frontier and what inspired us to write SFR. It's part of a series of blogs by this years' Golden Heart finalists.

We'd love it if you could stop by to read what we have to say and add your comments.

Ping Pong

Pippa: Once again, thank you for ringleading the wonderful SFR Midsummer Blog Hop to promote SFR.  I know it was a lot of work and you pulled it off brilliantly. There was enthusiastic participation with over 35 blogs involved and some great giveaways--including a Kindle! You should get some kind of reward.

Donna: Great post on breakthrough SF movies. Hopefully we'll have more to add to the list in the near future.

Sharon: Tick-tock...tick-tock. The date is getting closer for the release of your debut novel! Just a little over four months now, and the time is really going to fly. I'm looking forward to coming to Seattle to help celebrate. We'll have to have a little PRE-celebration in Anaheim.


  1. Love, love, love the name, the badge, the motto... I feel a little pang of envy going on! :-P
    Great post at Rubies. The stats for the contests give me hope that SFR is also rising from the ashes of the unknown to recognition at last.
    The Blog Hop was a blast. There technical issues - I expected a few with the linky code - and there were quite a few first-timers. I'm glad they took their maiden hop with the Brigade!


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