Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pippa's Journal - Blink And You'll Miss It

Events in the real world are making it hard for me to keep up with a lot of things right now, but there are some things going on I just have to share!


Firstly, Imogene Nix stopped by my blog this week with her latest release - Starburst. Please drop by here and say hello.

Heather Massey posted her thoughts on Chris Gerwel's recent article on science fiction romance - stop by here and add your opinion! The wonderful Heather is also kicking off the first of my Cover Love feature here Thursday, and she's chosen some really striking artwork from sfr titles. I'm still looking for victims...I mean guests! So far I'm booked up until the end of April.

I also have a fun contest on - I need help in choosing a prize for my giveaway to celebrate my upcoming release, Gethyon. Please vote here!


For my first Read Only Wednesday, I have Zero Point by Neal Asher.

Ping Pong:

Laurie, great post on Mars - I'm really hopeful of seeing a manned mission in my lifetime! Interestingly, my current read features a Mars base and its struggles to survive when  threatened both inside and out. Glad to hear you dodged the blizzard!

Donna, I've never been to the US, but the post on Nashville intrigued me.

Sharon, hope all is going well!

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