Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back in Print! #YA #paranormal #zombies

Mission Success!

The zombies are coming! This week it's all about my undead friends as Restless In Peaceville releases in print (my first paperback since Keir went offline last July, and my first ever with Lycaon Press), while I completed line edits on Zombie Girl: Dead Awakened on Monday and put it up on Goodreads HERE.

And although Restless didn't officially release until today, I got my lovely shiny author copies last Friday. So pretty! I tell you, however much I've loved having so many titles out in digital, there's a real buzz to opening a box full of your print books and holding one in your hand for the first time.

Why so many? Well, two are destined for my eldest's school libraries. One for my local library and one for my local indie bookstore. One signed copy for the Goodreads giveaway running this month. The rest will be going to BristolCon with me in September.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Restless In Peaceville by Pippa Jay

Restless In Peaceville

by Pippa Jay

Giveaway ends February 28, 2015.
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In the meantime you can check out the tour HERE. If zombies are your thing, you can also sign up to my newsletter to get an early look at the cover for Zombie Girl HERE, while the reveal will officially be the 25th February.

So, my current titles are not very SFR, are they? Zombie Girl has been making me think hard about its classification. As part one of a trilogy, it isn't a romance in itself - despite a HFN, the story is not romantic. But the trilogy overallwill be a YA dystopian romance, since the romantic arc takes place across the three stories. For now, ZG is yet another non-SFR title for me, and while not a paranormal like Restless, it is, at least, definitely scifi/futuristic.

All my titles, both my current and my upcoming releases, are now on Goodreads. Which means, what's next? Well, I hope to release two more Keir books, a novella in the Venus Ascendant shared universe, and a winter SFR short. But those all depend on finances and how busy my editor is. I also need to finish the two ZG stories, want to write a sequel to my superhero romance When Dark Falls (which will need to be 50K minimum to pass Breathless Press new submission requirements), and currently have two short stories in progress for two separate anthologies. So after Keir releases at the beginning of May (fingers crossed as I'm struggling hard with chapter 12 right now), I hope to spend the rest of the year just writing. Ah, what bliss!


Tethered was mentioned at The Galaxy Express as an example of a diverse book! I'm wondering if this might explain Tethered's sudden rise to #1 bestseller in Cyber at Breathless Press (their scifi romance line) and is alternating with Wicked Satyr Nights at #9 on the site's overall bestsellers. Woot! I think this is the first time I've hit a best seller list since Gethyon earned a silver star on Omnilit while on pre-order. This weekend also saw a sudden jump in downloads on KU for all three of my short stories. I'd love to know what sparked that off, but I'll settle for being extremely happy for a little success there! I also got more good news last night. I'm a winner in the 2014 Judge A Book By Its Cover Contest, sponsored by Houston Bay Area RWA! When Dark Falls placed Third in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal category. Woot! Kudos to my cover designer Victoria Miller at Breathless Press (although I'm sad my other three covers didn't place).

Still to come: the launch of both Laurie A Green's and Donna L Frelick's debut SFR novels! Both have been giving you a little insight into their characters here at Spaefreighters Lounge, and having read a draft of Laurie's, I can guarantee you a good read there. Eleven days to go!

Have you been checking out the fun mini interviews as part of SFR Month at Anna Hackett's blog? Go check them out HERE.


  1. Many congrats on opening that box of books, Pippa. Must be a fantastic feeling!

    And I've been loving readers Anna Hacket's mini-reviews of SFR authors. A lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I only ever got one copy of Keir in print, so it was all kinds of amazing opening a book with a dozen print editions of my book. ^-^


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