Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aftermath - Pippa's Journal

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Status Update

So Keir has been out nearly two weeks, and I couldn't be happier with the reception so far. Yes, I know with a re-release of what was my bestselling title for my first 18 months as an author I should have had some confidence in it. But I had certain expectations. I didn't expect a re-release to have many sales, since surely anyone who wanted it must have bought it previously. I was so wrong! Keir has already smashed any previous monthly sales record I had, and looks set to hit three figure sales numbers for the first time in my career as an author. Stunned? Yep. Happy? You betcha!

On the 13th May, Keir also very briefly hit the Amazon top 100 bestsellers for Time Travel - again, another first for me! It remained there for a heady six hours, reaching a high of 88 before falling back down and out. Then it hit the same list once more on the 17th, this time at number 83. Again, it was only there for a few hours, but in the top 100 twice in less than a week? *Muppet flails* You can bet I took screenshots to remind me of my fleeting moments of top 100 glory. ^_^

And while I had mostly positive reviews the first time around and even some awards, I was under no illusions that it meant the new extended version would be immune from negative ones. So far, I haven't had any. Unfortunately because I ran so close to the bone on re-releasing Keir my ARC reviewers didn't get much of a chance to read before release and post reviews, but hopefully those will trickle in over the coming weeks. The old reviews on Amazon haven't reappeared, so another job on my to-do list is approaching those who reviewed it previously and asking them to repost. I took the precaution of saving a copy of them all that I can send back to the owners to make life easier. :)

No Angel and When Dark Falls also returned to Amazon with their adjusted cover art on Friday, and to other online retailers yesterday - well, Kobo is still processing them, but they're uploaded everywhere. Bizarrely, the old reviews for No Angel reappeared on Amazon, while those for When Dark Falls and Restless In Peaceville did not. Odder still when B&N even managed to restore them all and especially for Keir despite the slight title change. Le sigh. But a couple of emails to Amazon soon fixed that, and now all my old reviews are back, leaving my re-releases looking a little less naked, lol.

What have I learned from re-releasing all these titles? Well, one - formatting is key. Get that right and you'll (mostly) have no issues at any of the retailers. Two, a relaunch plan with tasks embedded into your calendar/smartphone really helps, although only if you stick to the dates you set. Three, don't upload books on a Friday. Four, I really, really don't want to be re-releasing five titles in a month ever again. One benefit of being self published now is that I shouldn't have to, plus I can easily update anything as and when needed. In the case of Restless, I ran into issues with Amazon twice rejecting it because they didn't accept that I had the rights to republish it. They didn't respond to two emails, but a third attempt to upload got Restless accepted. *shrug*

Meanwhile, Keir looks set to smash further records in my three year career as an author, I'm waiting on the print proof for approval for the paperback release, and I'm all set to begin edits on the sequel - Keir's Fall - next month. I'm finally going to be releasing book two!

Coming soon...


Huge congrats to fellow Spacefreighters Lounge crew-member Greta van der Rol who will be on the Broad Universe board from the 1st June. Woot! Congrats also on being their first non-US board member.

On Saturday I learned When Dark Falls made it as a finalist in the RomCon Reader's Crown contest (Restless In Peaceville just missed out on qualifying for the YA category finals by a measly 0.1. Darn!).

The new cover for Restless In Peaceville was revealed on Friday to many compliments. ^_^ Kudos once again to Dani Fine for her stellar work! Unfortunately, Amazon decided to dispute my right to publish it on KDP for two days, although was available again at most other digital retailers. Le sigh. After a third attempt, Amazon finally accepted it, while it's still pending at Kobo.

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There will be an exclusive reveal for Tethered's shiny new cover at the SFR Station on the 22nd May.

And the 1st of June sees the start of a six week long Brigade event - the SFR Brigade's Summer Cafe! Each week featured a sub-genre of sizzling science fiction romance - Space Opera 1, Weird Science, Dystopia, Androids and Aliens, Supernova Hot, and Space Opera 2. Each week will see a group of Brigaders post about their books and some giving you a recipe connected to their works, plus there's a themed prize bundle each week. Stop by the Brigade blog for more details.

Ping Pong

Laurie, Donna, and Sharon - hope you had fun at RT! I am hideously jealous - envy is such an unattractive thing. :P

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  1. I'm sure you'll be happier being in control with your books, Pip. I had a similar experience with publishers closing - amicable, as was yours. But I wouldn't want to go through that trauma again. Woot for the sales! Rock on.


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