Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cycles - and for a short time only...

It hasn't been a great year for me from a writing point of view. I guess that happens. Life is made up of cycles, isn't it? The cycle of the seasons from spring to winter. The cycle of life from birth to death. The cycle of climate from drought to flood, from global warming to the depths of an ice age. Today is the last day of another year - yet another cycle as the Earth starts a new journey around the sun.

I suppose I'd have to say 2015 was a year of drought. But droughts always give way to the rain, so perhaps 2016 will lead to a flood of new work. I have three WIPs , one for each of my universes. You never know!

To celebrate the New Year, for a short time only I've put out an omnibus of my Ptorix Empire novels - all four full stories in one volume. It won't be available for long - and I really mean that. And it will only be out on Amazon. The cover was done by the incomparable Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media. Nice, isn't it?

All four Ptorix Empire stories in one massive volume.

The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy
Thrust together in a race against time, ex-Admiral Chaka Saahren and Systems Engineer Allysha Marten, must resolve their differences to solve the political crisis which has brought the Galaxy to the brink of inter-species war.

The Iron Admiral: Deception
Despite Grand Admiral Saahren's best attempts to keep the woman he loves safe, Allysha is a pawn in a growing power struggle, one where she will need all her skills and cunning to outwit a heinous plot that could result in the loss of billions of human lives.

Somebody's trading with the alien Ptorix – and offering them a large enough prize to induce them to part with their beloved starhearts, the jewels they call the windows of the soul. Slightly shady freighter captain Jess Sondijk and Confederacy Admiral Ulric Hudson both have very different stakes in a deadly game.

Crisis at Validor
When the queen is assassinated in a terrorist attack, the lady Tarlyn’s life is thrown into turmoil when she, too, becomes a target. The last person she expects to rescue her is her childhood sweetheart, Brett Butcher. Everyone has stakes in this conflict – the Ptorix, the Confederacy and the different factions of the ruling class.

Pick it up at Amazon while you can.

Here's to everybody. Have a safe and fun New Year's eve celebration. I hope you'll join all of us here at Spacefreighters in 2016.

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