Friday, March 31, 2017


Reviews--ummm, yummy! We authors LOVE us some reviews! And as Greta just described in her post this week, we’ll go to just about any lengths to get them.

But sometimes we forget the most obvious way to get those reviews might be to simply ask.

That’s what I’m doing this week via this blog, my Facebook page and my Interstellar Rescue Squad Facebook group. I’m asking really nicely and offering a little incentive to those who help me out. Write a review of any of my Interstellar Rescue books on Amazon or Goodreads and I’ll send you an Interstellar Rescue tee-shirt!*

But, you argue, I just like to READ the books! I don’t know how to write a review!!

But it’s sooo easy. A review is NOT a book report, like you remember from school days. (I don’t know anyone who liked those.) You don’t have to tell folks what the story is about or analyze the writing style (unless you want to). All you really have to do is say what YOU, lovely reader, liked about the book. Did the action make you keep turning pages? Did the romance make you sigh? Did you love the hero or the spunky heroine? Did you hate the villain? Great! Put it all in about three or four sentences and you’re done.

What? you say. Three or four sentences? Actually, Amazon only requires 20 words in a review. Anyone can write 20 words, right? (That’s less than the number of words in this paragraph!)

So, come on, help a writer out. Please?

*Comment on the offer posts on my FB pages to tell me you’ve reviewed so I can make sure to thank you!

Cheers, Donna

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