Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More From Dinosaur Isle

As Sharon admired the picture of Shanklin's cliffs last week (and because my brain is too fried for a post topic just now), I thought I'd share some more photos from our holiday. The first few are a bit moody as we had rain the first two days on and off, but it did make for some great atmospheric shots.

Bembridge Pier

Shanklin Beach

Chair lift down to Alum Bay. An unnerving experience.

We took the 15 minute speed boat tour out into the bay,
to the Isle of Wight's most famous feature - The Needles

Alum Bay, famous for its coloured sands. You are NOT allowed to take any from the beach.

My boys amused themselves with trying to build as many and as big rock towers as they could.

Distance shot of the Needles

St Catherine's Oratory, a medieval lighthouse and one hell of a climb!

A 360 degree view from the Oratory. It was worth the climb!

We also made another visit to Walton - not for shark teeth this time, but some sand to make my chooks a luxury sand dust bath! We found a disappointing two teeth, both broken, but we did find this:
This is how I always imagined fossils looked if you said the word. Might be bone fragments, might just be wood, but it was an unusual find for us. Just waiting on identification. We also took the monsters strawberry picking, turning some into jam and others into chocolate coated treats we later ate with icecream.

Status Update
I'm still trying to catch up after a week's holiday. Reunion is back with me for edits, Unexpected is with the editor, Revived is still unfinished, and Keir's Shadow is still at 33% on revisions and I've already fallen four days behind on the target I set myself. Eeeeeeep!
Cosplay has also been on hold due to other things, but I completed the White Rabbit waistcoat to finish off eldest's costume for Alice in Wonderland (happening just a week from now!).
Chook Update
The blustery weather has made my chooks rather skittish so they haven't been out in the garden very much recently. Here are Kyru and Pitch looking rather fed up about it (you might just be able to see the others skulking in the background and doing their best to stay out of the wind).
Here's hoping for something less breezy!


  1. Wonderful photo album, Pippa. That view from the chair lift is amazing. I'm with you though, I get jittery on the Sandia Peak Tram and it's totally enclosed. I was on my fair share of chair lifts in my younger years, but usually over a lot of deep, fluffy snow, not rocks!

    The fossil is fascinating. Reminds me a bit of a crayfish (very small freshwater lobster-looking critter).

    And oh! A medieval lighthouse! What a view.

  2. Loved the photos and yay! news of the chooks!

  3. Loved the coastline from the chairlift, and the needles. And the strawberries. Looks like you had a great time.

  4. Love the photos! Especially the one with the lighthouse and The Needles in the background. Also love that old lighthouse. Did you guys do the lift thingy? Yikes!


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