Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The ladies of Wonder Woman: All the feels

Do we at Spacefreighters Lounge have room for another post on WONDER WOMAN? I'm thinking hellz yeah.

In fact, I don't really need to say much more than this:

(Cue soundtrack)

Let me just say... this 49-year-old woman right here on this Spacefreighters barstool? As she watched Robin Wright kicking ass all over that beach, she had to fight not to blubber like a baby into her popcorn and Earl Grey tea. And yeah, I'm talking about myself in the third person because that's just how epic this experience was.

Women of a certain age are invisible? Well I dare you not to see THIS coming, because if you don't, it'll be the last thing you ever don't see:

Want to revel in the awesomeness that is Wright's Antiope? Go here.

A lot's been said about Diana herself as well as Antiope, but let's not overlook Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons and 2017 Mom of the Year. She's all, not MY daughter, I'm keeping her safe from the world's evil and especially that asshat Ares. Cuz that's how moms roll. But when it becomes obvs that Diana's got mad skillz, a heart of gold, and a date with destiny, mom sends her off with her blessing AND all the family bling.

Never let it be said that we EVER get too old to need role models.

As for Diana herself, I'll just repeat the word Donna used in her review: Mesmerizing. My daughter and I hardly moved in our seats. I could watch those slow-mo combat acrobatics for days, and I usually fall asleep during action sequences. The film could have included another hour in Amazonian paradise and I would have been perfectly happy. Not that I'd want to miss a single moment of the stranger-in-a-strange-land performance that followed.

The film may not win Best Picture. The overall plot, we can probably all agree, is not without flaws. And also, DON'T CARE. By the end of the movie I could hardly contain my feels. Antiope and Hippolyta representing all over the place, and Diana standing up for the little guy while stomping the bad guy because Diana's gotta do Diana, yo.

Hie thee to thy nearest multiplex.

"It's about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world."


  1. Thought I was going to wait for the Blu-Ray. Maybe not now....

    1. Worth the money to see it on the huge screen, IMHO. You could save a little at a matinee!

  2. Okay, okay. You might have just twisted my arm enough to give Hellywood some of my hard-earned (*cough*) cash. Don't think I've ever heard you get this positively enthused about anything, Sharon.

    Oh, yeah, and then there's this: "I've lived to see my childhood princesses become generals."

    Yeah. That.

    1. :) I did love it. Saw it again last night with my neighbor!

  3. Oh, I'm looking forward to this. I have never heard such rave reviews from EVERYBODY. (But I'll watch it at home, cos that's just me)

    This movie just made a giant leap for womankind. Especially the older ones.

    1. Indeed! I sure hope they know what they've got with Robin Wright as Antiope and put together a project for her.

  4. Yeah. What Sharon said. I love me some Amazons!

  5. After seeing the film a second time, I feel remiss now for not mentioning Etta Candy, Steve Trevor's secretary, charmingly played by Lucy Davis of the BBC's original The Office. She may not have exploded on the screen like the others, but she served as spot-on comic relief, and I hope we'll be seeing more of her in future films.


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