Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Stuck in a Rut #amediting #amwriting not at all

I couldn't think of anything to write about this week. Post Christmas is always difficult: all the excitement is over, there's mundane stuff to catch up on, clearing up to do, the weather has got colder and more dismal though at least the days are getting longer again. I don't much like this time of year, as it's just the long, grey crawl toward spring. Even though I only work two six hour shifts a week, which should still leave me plenty of time to work on writing, I seem to spend less and less time at it and the real life jobs just keep piling up. Where does all that time go?!
At the moment I'm in the planning and accumulating materials stage of building a bigger ultimate coop for our chooks, and one that we can walk into rather than have to crawl. The plan is that this will be the last build, allowing us a maximum of 12 chickens, so I'm determined it's got to be absolutely right. The maths has been complicated because half the materials are measured in Imperial, and half in metric. Talk about brain ache!

Anyway, this is just a quick update. I...still haven't finished edits on Reunion at the time of writing this post, but hope to complete it later in the day. I really do need someone standing over me with the threat of a cattleprod these days...

Chook Update
Little Firefly is growing up and has developed what I call that matronly look of a typical Pekin. She's still the smallest of the flock but is no longer a baby, and her black feathers have a glorious metallic green sheen to them which unfortunately doesn't show in the picture.

And no, that bunch of brown feathers isn't part of Firefly but Fizzgig's fluffy behind!
Meanwhile, Kala and Phasma are definitely still right at the bottom of the pecking order, and still spending most of their time running away from all the others, and from me. They did feel brave enough to briefly venture out into the garden at the weekend though.
Kala: whut?!

Kala: are you still pointing that phone at me?!

Kala: look, quit it with the camera already!

While Phasma chooses to give me a truly Imperial glare


  1. I always struggle at this time of year too, Pippa. The holidays are great for giving us a distraction from those long, dark days, but afterward what are we left with? Depressing resolutions and more long dark days! When the news is a steady stream of awful it just makes it worse. I have to keep reminding myself that every day the sun is up longer. Around this time last year, a friend of mine suggested Instagram to me as a way to distract my brain with some creative thinking that isn't writing. While that too can turn into a social media distraction, I *have* enjoyed the way it's changed my perspective to focus on pleasing visuals when they present themselves. Speaking of which, pretty chickens! :)

  2. Ha. It's fitting that Phasma has an "Imperial glare." Love all the photos.

    It's been an incredibly light and bright winter here so far, so the doldrums haven't overtaken me--at least not due to the weather. And we did finally get a nice snow last night. All the shrubs and trees that had been thinking about budding out got a very rude awakening. Only about four more weeks of winter here so I'm already looking ahead to spring and summer. Now if I could just get the creative juices flowing again.


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