Monday, February 26, 2018

And the Flame is Extinquished...

Good Monday Morning!

This will be a very short post because I've got a ton of "Life Happening" at the moment, but I wanted to reflect a little on the 2018 Olympics which just wrapped.
It's so refreshing to see a large group of peers come together from all over the world, to compete in their particular sport (or multiple sports, in the case of a few amazing athletes), represent their countries, and strive to do their best. It's a once in a lifetime experience for them, but it's a once in a lifetime experience for us as spectators, too. Every four years, the Winter Olympics has its special moments, its delightful surprises, its rising stars and its previous champions making another--or a final--bid for the record books.

For me, the opening ceremonies is always such a wondrous thing to experience--a showcase and education about the culture and history of the sponsoring country, along with the expectation and anticipation of the games, themselves. The lighting of the torch. The parade of the athletes. The flags. The fireworks. And this year, for the first time, the drone show!

It's really difficult to watch the spectacle and not feel hope, wonder, and a sense of peace. That seems all too rare in this "politics-in-your-face- 24-hours-a-day-everyday" world.

I particularly appreciated that in our current climate, the commentary was, for the most part, politics-free (yes, there were a few exceptions) and remained focused on the event itself with the skill and artistry and, well, athleticism, taking the center stage. As it should.

I loved seeing competing athletes from different countries offer bear hugs and fist bumps to each other, whether it was for a major success or a heartbreaking failure. And especially when the person they were congratulating had just bested their score.

Because they recognize that this isn't just about them. 

And yes, again, there were a few exceptions. But these exceptions were never the rule.

It's always refreshing to witness a newly minted award-recipient take the podium and have their moment in the sun without pushing their particular political philosophy in a statement that incites or angers their audience.

Thank you! This is as it should be. Let such magical moments unite us, instead of seeking to further divide us.

I always get emotional when the torch goes dark. For this game, it was extinguished by a virtual furry of snowflakes. And now we return to our lives and our troubles and our fears and our worries.

The Winter Olympics are over, and for the next four years a new mix of athletes will set their sites on the future, strive for their goals, work everyday to do better, and envision what might be.

Maybe we can all learn from their example.

Have a great week!


  1. I don't get caught up as much as I used to, but I did enjoy the Czech snowboarder/newbie skier who won gold in both sports. She had such a look of amazement on her face!

  2. That was a very cool moment, Donna! Her look of shock was priceless. I enjoyed watching all the sports this time, even curling! Probably good that the Olympics only come once every two years (including the Summer Games) or I'd never get anything done.


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