Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Boldly Going Fourth: An Unexpected Winner #SFRGalaxyAward #scifirom

A Scifi Romance Novella
So Unexpected has lived up to its name yet again. Much to my amazement, it won a SFR Galaxy Award last week (my fourth now since the awards began), for one of the best and most interesting aliens. Of course I love my two MCs, but it's always great to learn someone else did too, and enough that they chose it as one of their standout SFR titles of the year. It's restored my faith that maybe my particular brand of SFR has an audience, albeit a small one. You can see judge Jo Jones' other selections HERE, and check out the rest of the winners and info on the awards themselves HERE.
Huge congrats also to fellow crew mate Greta on her first SFR Galaxy Award (and long overdue!), and my thanks to the judges for their time and consideration, and to the creators and organizers for their efforts. May the awards long continue!
Status Update
Brace yourselves but...I have actually finished the edits on Reunion! A shock, right? At least, I've done the sections my editor highlighted. I still need to do another full read through to be sure I'm happy (ha!), but the supposedly difficult bit is done.

Chook Update
We are about to embark on the Great Chicken Run Build this week! It's going to mean disruption for my girls, and rather cramped accommodation for them for a while, but hopefully by the end they'll appreciate it all. I know my back will be grateful at not having to crawl around to clean and restock their current run.
Kala and Phasma now seem fully settled though ranking bottom of the pile. Phasma is still very antisocial, while Kala is quite happy to get up close and investigate. Hopefully next week I'll have plenty of pics of them enjoying their new luxury run!


  1. Well done on all fronts, Pip. And I can totally relate on the Galaxy award. A little bit of recognition goes a long way to dispel disillusionment. Good luck with the chook pen.

  2. SO pleased for Unexpected!!!! I concur. Really a fascinating alien.

  3. Congrats on another SFR Galaxy Award win, Pippa!


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