Friday, October 5, 2018


After a week fending off attacks by cyber-scum (my husband was the target, not me, but still . . .) and repelling hordes of stinkbugs desperate to mate before the first frost, I'll admit I'm having trouble finding my muse, dear reader. 

The assaults didn't stop at the computer or the doors and windows, either. I could hardly turn on the TV or open the (digital) newspaper without being overwhelmed by news I would not want to explain to my teenage grandson (but must, lest he become party to something that so many people have experienced in their lives).

I'm a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, of counting your blessings and being grateful for all the good things you have. Yet, it can be difficult to stay positive and on track in the face of all this craziness. So, let's take a moment to breathe, shall we? I offer you the example of this meditating feline, just in case you don't get enough cat videos in your Facebook feed.

 Cheers, Donna

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  1. I'm with you there, Donna. I'm also having to take a step back and tune out because of all the strife, head-butting, screaming fanatics and general breakdown of common decency and mutual respect in our society has my stomach tied up in knots. *Deep breaths* *Think calming thoughts* *Cuddle a warm puppy*


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