Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year, New Frontier #boldlygoing

2018 was a pretty cruddy year in real world terms. More than two years later, Brexit is the dominating storm overhead that has built and threatened for over two years now, a nasty, chaotic mess that I fear will destroy my homeland and fills me with daily dread. Sounds like the blurb to an apocalypse, huh?
But on the personal side, things finished on a higher note. Mid year was a trying time for my family for reasons too personal to discuss, but we got through it. Eldest passed her exams with glowing colours, and despite her school's apparent attempts to sabotage their students. She's now happily at college, scoring high, and her eyes fixed firmly on university. 14yo is now receiving the additional support he needs to reach his potential, even though that meant us having to invest in a laptop for school as they didn't have the funding to provide one. Youngest's behaviour has settled and although we are getting the teenage attitude from our remaining pre-teen, he's showing more maturity and independence, as well as an apparently bottomless knowledge and enthusiasm in all things geographical and historical. The biggest change, however, is mine. I was rather stunned to apply for, be interviewed for and be offered a new job. As of yesterday I am now a Science Technician at a local academy. Back in the world of chemicals, tech and test tubes! I've missed it so.
It does come with a downside. It's a full time position. My youngest is now having to walk himself to school - he's happy and ready to do so, but in a perfect world I would have like to have finished the school year with him. He goes to secondary school come September. It'll be strange at first to leave home before my kids, and get home after them every day, but not by much. It does free up my weekends and saves hubs from walking me to work at 6am. Free weekends mean more family time (and for 2019 more conventions, woo hoo!). It means a bigger budget for cosplay too. 😉
It does, however, mean less blogging and writing time, not that I seemed to be doing much of either lately anyway. I'm hoping it will get my brain working harder, though, helping with inspiration and offering up some ideas for posts. It also comes with school holidays wholly with my kids, the deal with hubs being also that I get writing time. Perhaps by then I will feel the hunger for it again.
So, while I go back to being a mad scientist, my hopes for 2019 are high (despite Brexit). I plan to get my Christmas story out (should have already been done but I missed the window), and maybe, just maybe, that winter solstice SF I keep picking at.
May 2019 bring you health and happiness.


  1. Here's to surviving a troubling year and starting out the new one fresh and full of inspiration, Pippa. Hope your 2019 exceeds all expectations.

  2. Best wishes for the coming year, Pip.


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