Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Rise of Skywalker... hmmmm

The first trailer for the final film in this latest Star Wars trilogy has appeared, with the movie set to show on 20 December this year.

I guess I've got more questions than anything else, and I'd love to know what everyone else thinks.

The tile, for a start. Huh? Skywalker? There's only one left and her name's Leia. I accept this movie will star her. It was her turn. But... the Rise? Really? Maybe we're suddenly going to find out that Rey is really Luke's love child or something.

So what have we got? A desert planet (Tatooine again?), a fancy TIE fighter, Rey doing some impressive gymnastics, Kylo Ren killing people in a forest, Lando Calrissian in the Falcon and later on what looks a bit like Jabba's sail barge - and we end with what looks like a giant piece of Death Star crashed into ocean.

We're probably going to be doing some planet-hopping, but that's okay. To what end I have no idea.

I'll probably keep on muttering 'please don't suck' under my breath, but this trailer really hasn't got my pulse pounding.

Anyone else?


  1. Same here. I watched and then went back to what I was doing with no huzzah.

    1. Yes. I'll reserve judgement until the next trailer.

  2. I liked the trailer. It left me with a lot of questions which I'm sure was the point, but yeah, The Rise of Skywalker? Lots of questions there. I never really bought that Rey was the daughter of two nobodies from nowhere, but it seemed so obvious at the start that she was Luke's daughter, that twist felt forced and very red-herringish. I'm sure she's SOMEBODY which will be revealed--and quite possibly a Skywalker--which would make more sense of the title, but I'm a little uneasy for how everything will be resolved. Just hope it's awesome. Otherwise, 42 years was way too long to wait for this conclusion. They just CAN'T fumble it! It would be the greatest betrayal of a loyal fandom in Hollywood history.

  3. All fingers and tow crossed - eyes as well, while muttering 'please don't suck'. I have higher hopes for the spin-offs, set well before the Skywalker era. I'll admit I don't want Star Wars to ride away into the sunset of film history just yet.


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