Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Gotta Share...

I've been following this blog for some time, but felt I should do a blurb on it (to announce its treasures, don't ya know) before adding it to my list of Writer's Feedback Sites on the right.

Becca and Angela, fellow CC-ers, have started an Emotion Thesaurus on their blog where lists of expressions and physical indicators of emotions such as happiness, anger, frustration, love, etc. It's a true goldmine of ideas, and a nice motivator for your muse when it decides it's on vacation.

If you're a writer, spend a few minutes browsing the content and I'm sure you'll see the value:

Kudos to Becca and Angela for the time they spend on this goldmine, and for sharing the wealth with other writers.


  1. Last time I was here I forgot to comment on this post--thanks so much for the great blurb. Becca and I are very glad to see the ET take off as it has, and mostly through word-of-mouth. We really appreciate it when people take the time to tell us what they like about it, and it's even better when they blog about it! Whoo-hoo!

  2. Hi Angela. Thanks for your visit and post. Yeah, couldn't pass up posting your link. Great emotion references you have listed there. Wanted to spread the word. :)


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