Friday, May 9, 2008

Sci Fi Rom/YA Poll Update

With 85 blog readers chiming in to date, here are the results (so far):

I write Science Fiction Romance. 9% (8 votes)
I avidly seek out Science Fiction Romance as a reader. 7% (6 votes)
I occasionally read Science Fiction Romance. 22% (19 votes)

I write Science Fiction YA. 6% (5 votes)
I search everywhere for Science Fiction YA. 4% (3 votes)
I read Science Fiction YA once in awhile. 20% (17 votes)

I prefer other genres. 21% (18 votes)
Other 11% (9 votes)

It seems the majority (a combined total of 36 votes) read Sci Fi Rom and/or Sci Fi YA on occasion, where 7% (6 votes) actively seek out Sci Fi Rom, and 4% (3 votes) actively seek out Sci Fi YA.

Eight (8) stated they write Sci Fi Rom and five (5) write Sci Fi YA. (I thought this was interesting because I assumed those who write this/these subgenre(s) would actively seek it out to read, but that's not the case according to the numbers.)

A large portion of votes also preferred other genres, so this is a good indication the poll wasn't taken only by fans of Sci Fi Rom/YA.

I'll keep the poll open another week or so and post final results once it's closed. Thanks to everyone who's voted so far. :)

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