Thursday, May 1, 2008

Science Fiction Romance/YA Poll

I'm trying to get an idea of the interest level in Science Fiction Romance and Science Fiction YA as specific subgenres in fiction.

Please vote on the poll at right and let me know your interest in both, either or neither of these subgenres. You can vote for all that apply.

Note there's also a place to enter other remarks or comments.

Thanks for your time!


  1. Um, add one more to I occasionly read young adult sci-fi. Golden Compass, Harry Potter, Eragon, I should have checked it too. Thanks. I dont have a clue, but a major factor to consider why agents may not bite is that they are overwhelmed with the amount of queries. In this day of computers its so much easier to write. Imagine how hard in the typewriter era. And it's so much fun to write sci-fi, fantasy either adult or not, but maybe there's an overload now.

  2. You make an excellent point. Writing is SO much easier today. I remember the days of pulling the page out of the typewriter and starting over. (Yeah, ok, I've been writing stories since I was a kiddo. LOL)

    Critique groups, writing sites, other authors, advice, agents, editors--all made much more accessible by the internet. More writers get to the point of producing marketable manuscripts these days, probably thousands more than the industry can support. And let's face it, publishing houses take a huge risk on publishing first time authors. It can turn into a real bloodbath for them. The marketing process can be frustrating, but it helps to see things from the agents/editors perspective.

  3. Golden Compass, HP, and Eragon are fantasy YA, not sci-fi. Sci-fi has science in it, and usually blasters....

    As for your poll... it really depends on what you're considering romance and how close to erotica you get. I think most stories benefit from a touch of romance. It's natural for wonderful, beautiful, interesting characters (and every MC is all 3 or there wouldn't be a story about them) to be intriguing to their fellow characters. From there romance, love, and affection are all natural steps of human nature.

    What I dislike is picking up a sci-fi book and realizing the author sold the plot for some cheap sex scenes. Or books where a cheap sex scene was thrown into the book in such a way that you could skip the entire chapter and not miss anything plot-wise. Sex and romance in a book should be natural and should move the plot forward if you're going to show it "on screen".

    Anyways- that's just me and my two cents.

  4. just_me, thanks for your comments and insights. I think you make a good point that the romance/sex should be a natural part of the plot development. I appreciate your input.


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