Friday, May 30, 2008

And Then it was Friday...

Also known as T! G! I! F!

What a week it's been.

*walks in house, closes door, and collaspes into a puddle of exhaustion on the kitchen floor*

It's Millah time! (Oh yeah. I don't drink beer. It makes me mean.) OK, it's Coca-Cola time. :) *pops a top*

OK, time to review.

Wrote several posts this week on multiple blogs. Check.

Sent three chapters out for a profession look-see and got great feedback. Check.

Placed a few bids on the Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research. Check.

Got outbid on all of them. Check.

Sent two contact emails out to previous writing acquaintances. Check.

Got a response back from one. Big smile with that check.

Blog-hopped most of my favorite blogs. Check.

Posted on a couple. Check.

All in all, not too bad, considering my limited time.

Not a lot of time for writing this week, but I did kick out a few critiques, especially for my IPs who are polishing queries and synopses for submission. It's so rewarding to see prose evolve into something that crackles and jumps off the page like it's electric. A phrase tweaked to perfection. Gorgeous flow. Tight, concise wording. Ah, it's a thing of beauty. :)

Enjoy the start of your weekend.

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