Sunday, September 20, 2009

And the Thunder Rolls...

Frustration and anger from viewers over the cancellation of the SF series Defying Gravity is mounting and has been gaining momentum in recent days as fans realize the next episode will not be aired after ending in a monumental cliffhanger last Sunday.

Will the backlash grow to Firefly proportions? Will the networks ever learn the care and feeding of a promosing new SF series? Will they make amends to disgruntled viewers and give it another shot? Or will it eventually resurface on SyFy where it will have the benefit of a healthy following from the SF community?

TVSquad is just one of dozens of television commentary sites and blogs receiving feedback about the cancellation of DG. A TVSquad article entitled Defying Gravity We Hardly Knew Ye had well over 200 comments at last count, almost all in support of the show. Similar backlash is being received on other TV commentary sites.

I wonder if the network is listening, or if it will turn a deaf ear to disgruntled fans?

And, most important of all to us Skiffy Rommers, what does this mean, if anything, for the SF/SFR book market?


  1. Laurie, I am so glad to hear that people want more. I also watched and I think there were some interesting subjects being addressed and I want to know what the crew saw in that bay.

    I found it really interesting that there was more importance placed on controlling libido than reproduction, it's got me thinking. I sure do want to see the rest of the episodes at least.


  2. Oh, I so agree Elorie. The enigmas presented in the series presented food for thought--or at times more like a six course meal.

    Duty vs. morality.
    Orders vs. conscience.
    Career vs. personal life.
    Emotion vs. acceptable behavior.
    Faith vs. common sense.
    Funding vs. safety.

    These are among many dilemmas faced by the crew in scenarios that were personal to the individual characters.

    Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Well, half a victory may be better than none. According to TVFanatics web site blog ( ABC may be rethinking the yank of Defying Gravity:

    "I don’t know what those episodes have in store, or if they provide better closure than what we have now, but ABC felt it was important enough to curb the rumors by putting out a statement that they fully intend to air those last Defying Gravity episodes. They just aren’t sure when."

    I will look forward to seeing them.

  4. What did I tell you about arriving late? I JUST start watching the dang show and they cancel it! I hate network TV.


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