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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dawn Jackson: FIRST SALE!

Exciting news!!! Dawn Jackson has sold her first novel, SLIPPING THE PAST, a Futuristic/Paranormal Romance to Liquid Silver Books. Many of you know Dawn as one of my IPs, a cross-critiquer, a co-blogger from Take it to the Stars and who I'm collaborating with on a YA SFR.

Trust me, Dawn has a lot of great novels in the works, and I know this will just be the first of many more to come.

Liquid Silver Books has already posted a release announcement and a blurb
here. Check it out! A release date is expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

*confetti* *fireworks*
*cake and ice cream all around*


  1. Thanks, Laurie.
    This story has its own tale behind it, one that has been full of ups, downs and big frustrations. Slipping the Past started over 4 years ago as another story and has change titles and locations a couple of times. The one thing that never changed were my pychic enforcers I called "reapers" for their ability to take souls. Slipping the Past has been a labor of love that I'm finally able to see published. Who knows, maybe I'll ressurect the original that started it all.

    Got Soul???


  2. LOL Dawn, "Got Souls?" would make a GREAT promo idea for your book. I think you should take that and run with it. Did you see Donna's article on self-promotion? T-shirts and tote bags would be way cool.

    Congrats again. (And yes, I still love the original--that opening scene is amazing!--and I'd love to see it resurrected to find a home.)

  3. Congratulations, Dawn, this is so exciting! And I just love hearing stories about writers who stick with it until they make it happen.


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